Plant Nanny App Review

Hydration is really important for optimal organ function, in particular the brain. Keeping hydrated throughout the day is really important when you practice very physical styles of yoga, like bikram or ashtanga, where you can lose a significant amount of fluid through sweat and drinking during practice isn’t always possible.

I recently downloaded this app after reading about it on Yoga By Candace. I have been tracking my food with MyFitnessPal but this looked like a fun way to track how much water I drink daily.
It’s free to download with in app purchases. This does mean that there is advertising, but it’s only a small banner along the bottom of the screen and the odd pop up. I haven’t found it annoying at all.
How it works
You get to pick and name a (very cute) seedling which is what you will be looking after with your tracking. The app will give you a rough guide of how much water you should be drinking a day based on your activity level. Bear in mind, that it is a rough guide, as it is only an app, not a doctor. To log a drink, swipe down to show the range of glass sizes. Just hold down on the glass until the curser fills the entire circle. As long as your plant is well watered it will grow. You do get the option to move your plant outdoors, where they will produce seeds that you can use to buy pretty pots or views for your plant to look out at through the window. If you haven’t logged a drink for a while, you will get a notification reminding you to have a drink. It will also warn you if you log a large amount of water in one go.
Reminds you to drink regularly
Allows you to identify patterns (for example, I drink plenty of water during the week, but on weekends I don’t even get half what I should.)

Can be annoying if you have been busy all day and then log in the days water in one go.


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